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Rules of




*All branches should designate a Ride Leader and a Branch Recorder.


*The Ride Leader will be in charge of organizing and leading safe and enjoyable rides for the members to participate in.


*The Branch Recorder will be in charge of keeping a basic record of the branch’s TRIADICS related funds, planned events, and membership.


*Branches will be expected to represent the family in a positive way that would be inviting to those who look to join us, being respectful of others at all times.


*Branch Leaders are responsible for being a communication tool to pass along family business to its members. This will insure all will have the ability to vote on important issues and have a say in the way things are run. Family Leaders, positions that will eventually be passed around the group, will be sending out updates to members and calling for votes on important things. If the Branch Leaders do not stay in contact, the family members will be robbed of their voices. This can not happen. 


*Branches will be asked to participate in fund-raising events for group functions that will be organized for all to attend. As our family is not a business, no one pulls a salary for their efforts and any money asked to be raised will be for a charitable cause or funding of family issues that are needed to keep the TRIADICS thriving. 


*Family members that do not represent our principles and the group in a positive way can be removed from membership by a vote of the members.


*Membership in our group is free but, if you are removed from our family’s list, it will cost you the most valuable thing a person could ask for, the respect of your family and those who love you for who you are & would be there for you in your greatest times of need. We wouldn’t want to see that happen to any of you so represent us well. We are all ambassadors for the TRIADICS and we love you all for it.


Derek "Lefty" Martin    -    Jim  Sickler    -    Shirley “Firstmate” Morgan

John Williams-Leader

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